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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Ron Paul Issue of the Day: Get out of Iraq

Getting out of Iraq
... The cost of the war is approaching $1 trillion, funded almost entirely by debt (debt that the boomers won't have to worry about too much, but the under-40 crowd will have to work hard at paying off). Iraq has gotten plenty of help and it's time to let them sort it out for themselves. RON PAUL IS THE ONLY REPUBLICAN CANDIDATE SUPPORTING A COMPLETE PULL OUT FROM IRAQ.

We can't afford to increase our massive national debt further by spending ruinous amounts of money carrying out an interventionist foreign policy (anyone remember what happened to those guys from Italy about 1600 years ago? You know, I think they were based in Rome...)

Ron Paul has consistently voted against the Iraq war (Hillary, eat your heart out!!!).


__k said...


eternitus said...

Oh my goodness... many of those things aren't quite in the "appropriate" category, as I see them in your link. I have to note, however, that everything I've seen on the internet is hearsay, so I have no idea if he actually said such things or, if he did, in what context he was speaking.

I almost can't believe that he said some of those things... if he did, I sincerely hope his views are more sensible now.

I must admit, though, that I cannot support him until I investigate this further. This is very troubling.

I know that Ron Paul is generally against the idea of racism per se, as noted in this more recent (than the allegations in your link) piece

__k said...

In that recent article, Paul, despite any intended implications, doesn't actually denounce racism. He just indicates what he apparently thinks are the causes of and solution for it. Even the earlier article states that Paul claims to oppose racism, despite his own racist statements.